About this blog

This blog is dedicated to building public support to defend Louisiana’s iconic public general and psychiatric hospital system. It has been created by K. Brad Ott and he is solely responsible for its content. To contact Brad email him at bradott@bellsouth.net with “defend La. public HC” in the subject line.

I am available to assist those facing the closure and/or privatization of their original public hospitals and clinics. You can contact me via bradott@bellsouth.net (put your respective hospital in the subject line) or phone me at (504) 269-4951.


To read K. Brad Ott’s 2012 University of New Orleans M.A. thesis on the Closure of New Orleans’ Charity Hospital after Hurricane Katrina, click HERE.

K. Brad Ott’s January 12, 2013 “Uncharitable Behavior” presentation before the Gillespie Memorial Community Breakfast.

K. Brad Ott’s April 30, 2013 three minutes before the ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Rally for the Common Good, Louisiana State Capitol Steps.

The Advocate reports the praise given to Brad Ott by State Civil Service Commissioner Scott Hughes in advance of the State Civil Service Commission’s June 5th 4-3 vote to reject the privatization contracts for 4 LSU Charity system hospitals. After lodging an immediate appeal with the Commission, LSU won a 3-2 Commission reversal June 10, 2013 of its rejection on the same contracts just five days before.


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