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This page is devoted to supporting efforts to keeping public the Medical Center of Louisiana at New Orleans.

[Page updated June 21, 2013]

IS THIS THE CHARACTER OF A PRIVATIZATION?: LSU Interim Hospital and vengeful LSU managers

The following is a blog post from following the June 20, 2013 article: Privatization backed for LSU’s Bogalusa hospital. The post, otherwise edited for a few misspelled words and to put in paragraphs, is from a LSU healthcare worker known as “Charlie Chan”:

These hospital privatization deals are a outright travesty that should be stopped. The Children’s [Hospital] deal privatizing LSU Interim Hospital/MCLNO/Charity Hospital is the cruelest thing I think I have ever seen sanctioned by a government entity besides war.

The employees have been made to wait until the last 10 days before any rank and file were told they would get job offers, and behind the scenes you had old line Directors, Managers, and supervisors taking out retaliation against any employee they disliked for whatever reason. Since just before employees were allowed to apply for jobs on April 8, 2013, directors and managers began bombarding employees they did not like with disciplinary action, that would be pending and in the employees file while Children’s was reviewing their application.

Many of these employees were not offered jobs by Children’s regardless of how good the employees file was prior to the recent disciplinary action. For example one such employee with almost 12 years at ILH/MCLNO with no disciplinary action prior to 3 days before the application process was maliciously disciplined by a director, and manager for retaliation of grievances filed against them by the employee for prejudiced managerial style over the years. This employee had a excellent employment record with better than average annual PPR’S [Performance Reviews], great attendance record, and did a excellent job. Children’s denied this employee a job specifically because of the recent disciplinary action, which is under civil service appeal.

This is just one small example of how outrageous, this privatization has been, because there are many such cases through out the hospital. Pleas of help to the new CEO Cindy Nuesslein to monitor and check these out right injustices fall on deaf ears, she passes the buck to operations vice president Lisa Miranda, who basically flim-flams the employees and upholds not giving the employee a job. In effect what Children’s is doing is terminating employees based to their civil service employment record, which is out right wrong, if the disciplinary action is pending appeal.

I would anticipate some type of class action damages lawsuit against Children’s for wrongful termination, by these employee’s. They should have to justify not offering a job to a rank and file employee based on the overall merit of the employees work record. I can not wait to see what lawyers line up to start taking the lawsuits against Children’s for slander and wrongful termination. Children’s is trying to say that their hiring and selection process is independent of state civil service, but it is not. Employees throughout this process have used clocked in state employment hours to apply for, and perform other tasks associated with the transition hiring process. A hiring process, that is being influenced, and manipulated by current civil service directors and managers against other civil service employees in retaliation.

NEWS of interest:

June 21, 2013, The Times-Picayune/ LSU Interim Hospital canceling elective surgeries in run-up to management

June 20, 2013, The Times-Picayune/ Privatization backed for LSU’s Bogalusa hospital (see especially posted comments by “Charlie Chan” — which are reposted above)

June 19, 2013, The Times-Picayune/ Appeals court rejects LSU’s challenge to value placed on demolished Claiborne Towers building

May 18, 2013, The Times-Picayune/ LSU hospital deals appear to be short on funding

May 19, 2013, The Advocate: Budget short of hospital privatization funds

Map of DHH/LSU Charity Hospital administrative regions — Region 1 is in the lower right corner

Region 1: Jefferson, Orleans, Plaquemines and St. Bernard parishes.

This is a downloadable PDF list of Louisiana House and Senate members with constituents in Region 1, listed by name, political affiliation, locale, email and phone contact information.

OTHER HOME PAGE LINKS of special interest on efforts to save New Orleans’ Charity Hospital:

Save Charity / Foundation for Historical Louisiana / Doctors for Charity

OTHER HOME PAGE LINKS of special interest about efforts to save from demolition the Lower Mid-City neighborhood of New Orleans (demolished to make way for the LSU/VA Medical complex):

Inside the Footprint / National Trust for Historic Preservation Lower Mid-City New Orleans

For information on general meetings of Advocates for Louisiana Public Healthcare (ALPH) New Orleans chapter, contact Brad at (with ALPH-NOLA in the subject line) or by phoning (504) 269-4951.


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